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In time of crisis do we need a DAM?

During these unprecedented times there is no doubt the COVID-19 virus has impacted communities and businesses globally. 6+ months in one thing is certain: there will be economic and financial difficulties that will be felt for months and even years to come. During...

Work remotely with Canto

The current economic slow-down brought on by Covid-19 is making many organisations adapt to a new reality, re-evaluate their ways of operations and balance the mission and objectives of people and business. This challenging time is bringing along opportunities for...

Canto Universal Connector: what you can do

With Canto Universal Connector anybody can build connections to other apps running on premise. Canto has created this universal connector including the most common API calls. The common inclusions packaged into the connector are: OAuth Canto login authentication/...

Facial Recognition in Canto Best Practices

AI and Facial Recognition reached the digital asset management market a few years ago. With Canto adding the free Facial Recognition feature to their cloud solution in 2019, and it has been improving ever since. Based on Amazon Rekognition technology, this technology...


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