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DAM for Government: Digital Asset Management for the Public Sector


Today, in all levels of government, images and graphics are used in PDF and Office internal and external publications, videos and audio are used on websites and in presentations. Do you have the relevant permissions and consent forms to use photos, videos and other media? Is citizen access and content crowd sourcing important to you? Who knows where your assets are and how to locate them? If a digital image or video file resides in a network folder, is it discoverable – and more importantly, can you share it? Enter the world of digital asset management or DAM. …read more

Custom Asset Relations in Cumulus 10

One of the many new features introduced with the release of Cumulus X and successive updates is that of custom asset relations – the ability to create your own customised asset relationships that suit your business. …read more

Information Bulletin February 2016

• New Cumulus AV Add-on and Discount on Extended Permissions
• Annual Cumulus Software Maintenance Update Delivery
• Canto’s InDesign Client Webinar Recording
• Flight by Canto Webinars and News
• HELIOS offers InDesign Plugin for ImageServer UB64
• HINTS n TIPS: Cumulus and Enhanced Metadata Support
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Cumulus Workgroup vs Enterprise

workgroup enterprise puzzle

What’s the difference? We are frequently asked what is the difference between the two different editions of Canto’s popular digital asset management software Cumulus Workgroup and Enterprise. The answer depends a lot upon how the solution is to be used and the environment in which it will be deployed. However there are significant differences that can affect your decision when choosing your Cumulus edition….read more

Cumulus iOS Mobile App


With the release of Cumulus X, Canto have re-built their popular Cumulus iOS Mobile App – and it’s now included with every Cumulus X install. Upload and download content anytime, anywhere and search across all your Cumulus catalogs for on-the-go updates….read more

DataBasics Wins Platinum for 5th Year – Press release


DataBasics has not only been awarded Canto’s highest distributor status of Platinum Partner for the 5th year running, but has increased sales by 12% during 2015. Along with these successes came a brand new responsive website, an office move to fancier and more spacious premises, and last but not least – new staff! …read more

Information Bulletin January 2016

Information Bulletin Jan 2016

• DataBasics New Website and Office Move
• Canto releases new InDesign Client with Cumulus 10.1 – and more
• New eBook from Flight team: Appreciating the ROI of DAM
• HELIOS News: Customer WebShare branding with UB64
• Announcing Canto’s DAM Summit Americas, New York, NY May 2016
• HINTS n TIPS: Cumulus Help Guides and Manuals in PDF Format…read more

Canto Cumulus 10.1 with InDesign Client

Cumulus INDD

Cumulus 10.1 has been released with a brand new InDesign Client – the ultimate time-saver that lets your creative team work more efficiently. Two-way communication between your Cumulus digital asset management (DAM) and Adobe InDesign® means you reduce errors, simplify workflow and keep content fresh. This powerful new plugin is the best digital asset management integration to InDesign ever. …read more

Cumulus Success Stories – John Holland

JH Preview

John Holland, one of Australia’s largest construction companies, was looking for a digital asset management (DAM) platform to meet the needs of its diverse range of users when searching for, and using their digital assets. Cumulus was chosen in part because of its configurability, which enabled it to be tailored to the company’s needs. …read more

Metadata, Controlled Vocabulary and your DAM

Metadata - screens

Regardless of the sector, a common challenge we’ve encountered when implementing a digital asset management system relates to the process of asset ingestion and their naming and identification. In plain English, what we’re talking about here is the process of adding files (your digital assets) to the DAM database with enough relevant and descriptive information to make those assets searchable and findable. …read more