DataBasics Capability statement

Capability Profile

DataBasics is a leading provider of business consultancy with software solutions and services that improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in digital asset media management, multimedia delivery and workflow productivity for our customers. We are a wholly Australian owned and operated business, delivering DAM solutions since 1995. We comprise a management team plus highly skilled professional consultants, product specialists, and system integrators with over 25 years combined industry knowledge, delivering solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South East Asia, extending to India and Hong Kong/PRC.

DataBasics works with government agencies, companies and organisations, large and small, to develop corporate image libraries, build digital asset repositories, develop workflows, and implement effective services for collaboration and sharing of digital assets internally, across offices or globally via the web.

What we do

DruckDataBasics is the Certified Platinum and exclusive distribution partner of Canto, supplier of the Cumulus and Flight digital asset management software, in the Asia Pacific region. The software and related plug-ins and added options are provided along with extensive services to provide a complete solution. Additional services we provide include solution design, workflow automation, asset online editing and publishing, and integration with other applications and database systems to add functionality and ease-of-use to a digital asset management solution.

DataBasics Professional and Technical Services teams are highly proficient and skilled in working with customers to develop the initial business case through to service implementation and delivery. Our CustomerCare team manages the ongoing day-to-day support of the solutions, responding to requests efficiently and effectively to ensure the solution is always working to the customer’s satisfaction. We also offer Managed Services to provide ongoing consultancy and direct management of the solution, removing the need for IT resources and extensive training to support a business application.

Solutions may be provided on-premise, in the cloud as a fully hosted solution or a hybrid mix to provide server security but locally managed control.

Business development

DataBasics has extensive experience in implementing successful DAM projects for over 100+ organisations in Australia and overseas.

DBs_business_evolutionOur business has developed from the delivery of shrink-wrapped software with minimal services through to enterprise-scale solution planning, implementation and the delivery of sophisticated services.

We have expanded our product range to include digital asset management for sharing, management and streaming of videos, for cloud, SaaS solutions and hybrid installations, mobile device applications and integrations with Content Management Systems (CMS) and application suites like Adobe and Microsoft Office.

DataBasics has built a strong network of business partners and software resellers and has a keen interest in working with companies engaged in delivering related solutions or managing clients’ service needs – in the cloud, in private data centres or with hybrid on-premise/remote deployments.

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