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Databasics Information Bulletin March 2018

  DataBasics news: Managed distribution of curated content for Cumulus

Recently we have had a number of requests to help organisations manage distribution of curated content. As a result, we will soon be offering a package of add-on modules and product configuration for a total management of asset life cycle for Cumulus users, including adding, editing, approving, publishing, requesting, archiving and retrieving. Please contact us for more information.

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 DataBasics YouTube Channel
Take a look at our YouTube channel for the latest webinar recordings, including the latest webinar: How A DAM Can Help Creatives.

Interview with Cumulus Product Vision Owner Sebastian Picklum

The new Product Vision Owner at Canto Sebastian Picklum talks about his new role and the current digital asset management trends. Picklum is in charge of developing Cumulus.
“My task is to put a frame around our product development and communicate it to the outside world – what Cumulus can do, what it stands for, how our customers use it.”

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 Canto latest blog: How Much Are Stock Photos Really Costing You
Do you use stock photos in your organisation? Are the licensed images easy to find for your colleagues? Or do you keep them on your hard-drive and no one else is able to access, instead having to purchase again? If this sounds familiar, read this Canto article on how you can save money simply by organising your photos in a central location.

 Flight latest blog: 5 Core Roles of A DAM Administrator

Got yourself a digital asset management solution? Now what? How to make sure the performance of your system stays consistent and serves your team at its highest level? Read this Flight article on what are the DAM administrator responsibilities to preserve your Flight DAM.
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HINTS n TIPS: Filtering in Flight
How do I search within an album?
In Flight, there are several options to filter your search results.
First, when you hover over the search field on top you will get a window pop-up showing different search filtering options. To search within a particular album select the Within Results box.

There are also options to filter your search based on keywords, tags, content,etc.

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