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Information Bulletin November 2017

    DataBasics customer The a2 Milk Company featured in Canto’s eBook:
Digital Transformation: Six Marketing Pros Share Their Digital Asset Management Successes
We are very proud to have one of our happy Flight customers share their story of digital asset management success in this latest Canto eBook. As one of the six marketing professionals Alison Peake of The a2 Milk Company shares their struggles of sharing content around the world, and how the simple but powerful SaaS digital asset management solution – Flight by Canto – has improved their processes and more..
Download the eBook here

Flight SYD Update 

Flight SYD update was released Nov 19th. Again offering some great new updates and exciting new features. What’s new:

  • More branding options for Portals
  • Updated WordPress plugin
  • Additional language options
  • Flight Express desktop app syncs My Colletions
  • Asset views in Reports
  • More Admin views available
  • Mouse-over previews
  • Find and replace filenames and tags to clean up your library.
Flight SYD Release Notes

 Flight End of Year 2017 Special!

There is still time to take advantage of this great year-end special.  It is a great opportunity for your organisation as the pricing provides for 20%+ discount.
Take this to your management and complete procurement while this promotion lasts! Please place the order by December 20th, 2017.
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     Corporate Branding Strategy: 7 Steps for Success

The latest Canto blog talks about the importance of implementing a solid corporate branding strategy. What are some key steps to a successful implementation and how a DAM could help? Read more here.

       Cumulus Roboflow and Dropbox Plugin

Imagine that you have to share a large file with a large group of people. You might not want them all to come to your Cumulus Web site all at the same time. Instead, you can upload the file to Dropbox and create a share-URL to as many people as you like. As a result, the workflow removed a lot of processing and bandwidth usage. See the video below of this use case in action.

Canto Roboflow 10 with Dropbox plugin

 HINTS n TIPS: HOW TO Migrate Data to Flight
There are a few things to consider when migrating data from one system to another. You don’t want to lose any metadata in the process. Read our latest post HOW TO Migrate Data to Flight.

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