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Information Bulletin October 2017

   Brand Management with Flight
Your DAM is not only the best place to store, organise and share your digital assets, but a DAM like Flight is also an excellent place to create a consistent brand image, to share your brand guidelines and to control how your brand assets are distributed and used.
This article discusses the importance of creating a consistent brand message with brand management guidelines and how you can do all that with the help of Flight – Canto’s SaaS digital asset management solution.

 Upcoming webinar: Brand Management with Flight Nov 14

When: Tue Nov 14th
Time: 11AM AEDT

Following our latest blog post, we will be showing the brand management capabilities of Flight in this upcoming webinar.

You will see:

  • How to customise the main library interface and login page
  • How to create and  use Portals to create tailored brand experience
  • Custom-branding of Portals: landing page and interface
  • Sharing brand guidelines
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Reports.
Register here.
Webinar: Brand Management with Flight

 DAM & Messaging Applications: Send the Right Message

One of today’s most popular messaging applications – Slack – is revitalizing the workplace collaboration with easy-to-use features and customisable options. Pair it with a DAM and it’s a perfect match! Integrating your messaging app with DAM creates private and secure communication. In addition, you get instant updates on any changes to your brand assets.
Read more

Let’s Be Friends: Future Open Relationships Between Advertisers and Creative Agencies

The relationship between creative agencies and advertisers is changing. With the help of interactive design systems, design controlling takes places in digital space. Organisations are moving their creative departments in-house. The digitisation process is gradually covering every business area. Read more on how this is affecting the future of creative agencies.

  Canto DAM Summit Europe Reflections: Humanity in Artificial Intelligence

It was the largest gathering of digital asset management professionals in continental Europe, with around 200 DAM professionals in attendance. The keynotes set the tone for the conference: how do we use non-human intelligence systems like image recognition and auto-tagging in digital asset management to connect in a human way?
Read the reflections here.

 HINTS n TIPS: How to put a thumbnail on a folder in Flight

In our upcoming webinar Ricky will show you all the branding tools available in Flight. Here is quick tip on how to make your Flight media library or Portal better looking – by adding a thumbnail to a folder. After you have uploaded a chosen cover image for your folder, click on the image and find this little icon in the top left corner to set it as cover image:

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