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Information Bulletin September 2017

   User Adoption: How Can Your Vendor Help
Why is user adoption important? The more people use the DAM solution the more likely it will be a success and provide an infrastructure that your other content management systems will feed from, and where users will access approved and correctly managed content.
This DataBasics article provides some advice on how your vendor can lead you to develop a successful process when introducing the new DAM solution.

 Upcoming webinar: Features and Functionality of Flight for New and Existing Users
October 10th, 11AM Sydney

In this webinar Ricky Patten will talk about features (old and new) and functionality that make Flight one of the best media libraries around. You will see how Flight can help you organise your media library, search for it and share it. As well as branding, security and DRM options available. Plus a lot more.You will see:

•    Smart albums
•    Folders and albums organisation structure
•    Smart tags
•    Previews
•    Crop and resize tool
•    Creating/ using portals
•    Enhanced password policies
•    DRM options
•    Using Direct URLs of images and videos
•    Custom branding available
•    Admin dashboard
•    Collaboration
•    Integrations available
•    And lots more.

Register here.

Webinar: Features and Functionality of Flight for New and Existing Users

 Flight latest update: Flight FCO Release Notes

Again a great new update has come to Flight (released September 17th). What’s new?
– Custom branded portal landing pages
– Admin Dashboard (admins can get a visual overview of how their Flight account is doing)
– Flight Express Desktop App for Bulk Upload (Mac OS).
What’s updated?
– Crop n Resize Tool (now has the ability to maintain aspect ratios, preview image before download, and offers a few common presets)
– restricted folders to enhance permissions.Release notes

 Cumulus 11: The Intelligent DAM for You

As Canto put it: “The most intelligent DAM you have ever seen!”
What is new in Cumulus 11?

  • Image Recognition and Auto-tagging Functionality
  • User Experience Enhancement (Web Client)
  • Microsoft Office Connector
  • Streamlined Search Capabilities
  • Portals Enhancement
Read more on the new features here.
You can also still make it to the webinar: AI-Powered Digital Asset Management on September 27th. Register.

  Canto DAM Summit Europe October 9-10

Still a few weeks away this year’s Canto DAM Summit Europe is happening in Berlin, Germany October 9-10. CHANGE: The Heart of Growth is the theme of the forum this year. A DAM good speaker lineup is on agenda, including Canto CEO Jack McGannon, DAM Expert Theresa Regli, John Horodyski and others.
See the agenda and other information here: http://eu.cantosummit.com/
If you can’t make it to Berlin, you can follow the summit on Facebook: DAM Summit Europe 2017.

 HINTS n TIPS: Image Recognition and Auto-tagging
Learn more about Canto’s latest technology introduced in Cumulus 11 – Image Recognition and Auto-tagging. See the latest Canto’s YouTube video that shows how it works and what it’s about.

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