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Information Bulletin August 2017

   DataBasics webinar recording on YouTube
On DataBasics YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/DataBasicsPL you can find webinar recordings and other informative videos about digital asset management. Subscribe to our channel and get notified for any new uploads.
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Latest webinar recording: Top 10 Most Important DAM Features – survey findings.

 Flight latest blogs and webinar recordings

The latest Flight blog talks about some top reasons why you should choose a SaaS digital asset library instead of a locally deployed one. Get full benefits of the software-as-a-service solution that offers feature-rich DAM software with capabilities surpassing an ordinary cloud file storage.
7 Reasons To Choose SaaS Media Library

View the latest webinar recording: Introduction to Flight.

 Canto upcoming webinar: AI-Powered Digital Asset Management – September 27th

Continuing last month’s theme of AI-enabled technologies and DAM, next month Canto is hosting a webinar to have a closer look at how image recognition can help make you more accurate and efficient. You will be shown how auto-tagging and image recognition can boost your DAM and free up your time to focus on more creative things.
You can register for the webinar here.

 DAM Guru Program: Latest Guru Talk interviews


DAM Guru program provides many resources for you to learn about digital asset management. You can view webinar recordings on topics such as metadata, workflows, digital preservation, and others. In the blog section you will find interviews with current DAM librarians, digital asset managers, and others involved in managing digital assets.
DAM Guru

  Canto latest blog: Brand Experience: What Is It And How To Optimize It

Brands can evoke different behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Every brand would love to evoke positive, happy associations. How to do it? Read this Canto postto find out ways to optimize the brand experience.

 HINTS n TIPS: Flight Help Most Asked Questions
In Flight Help Center you can find answers to many questions. Here are a few most asked questions.
How can I share with outside collaborators without using email?
-Use Collection Links
Who can add keywords and tags?
-Any user with editing privileges
What’s visible to consumers?
-Consumers have limited privileges in Flight. They can view assets marked “approved”, or assets in portals they’ve been granted access to.
Answers to these and others questions you can find here.

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