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Information Bulletin July 2017

   Survey results blog and upcoming webinar August 1st, 11AM

Last month we invited you to give us your opinion on what do you think are the most important features in a DAM. We have included the top 10 voted for features in our blog along with some comments from our own expertise and knowledge from working on 100s of DAM projects.
Please join us for a webinar discussing these finding along with our commentary.
When: August 1st, 2017, 11AM Sydney
Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6859936992513057281
All registrants will receive a webinar recording.
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 Flight BCN release notes

Released end of June, the latest Flight update doesn’t disappoint. You can view all related assets in a filmstrip preview, drag&drop with Chrome extension, two-factor authentication for increased security, define number of files to be selected, re-use branding themes, and more.

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 Canto latest blog: How EyeEm uses AI to organise, keyword and find the best photos

It is all about Artificial Intelligence (AI) lately. Seems like a buzzword this year. Now also in relation to digital asset management. Canto’s last two articles talk about AI – what is it? How is it affecting your work life, and how companies (EyeEm is a photography company) use AI. Read here:
3 Ways AI Is Affecting Your Work Life
How EyeEm Uses AI to Organise, Keyword and Find the Best Photos

  Canto upcoming webinar: Creative collaboration webinar, July 26

This Canto webinar will cover strategies to better collaborate creatively, to create better content while tackling collaboration challenges. You’ll learn how to use creative workflows within a digital asset management system in a live demo, and more. Learn more and register.

 HINTS n TIPS: A few tips from Canto Community portal: Cumulus Product Group
All Cumulus users have access to Community portal as part of their Software Maintenance subscription. The Cumulus Product Group is a group where Cumulus users can communicate directly with the Canto Community. Ask us if you need a login from Canto.
A few helpful tips from Canto Community portal: community.canto.comKevin Lanahan asked a question:
In the Cumulus 10.2 web client, we don’t want users to be able to download the original files (which are all in RAW format). How do I disable that option?
Answer by Chris Sipe:
You need allow only the Asset Actions the users need in Permissions of that Role. (Role if you are on Enterprise, User if you are on Workgroup.)
For instance, only allow them access to the 72dpi jpeg conversion.Morten Hansen asked a question:
I am modifying the look of our Portals category landing page, and I was wondering how the system defines what asset thumbnail to use? And is there a setting we can tweak to have it pick a specific asset from within the category? For example, during one month I would like our product images category to show one of our focus products for that month, quarter or season. Or perhaps I want the category thumbnail to be a general icon or similar.There is a thumbnail field for the categories, so does that mean that I can somehow apply an image to that thumbnail field, using either the CJC or CIP?

Carlos Matta answered:
Are you clicking on the thumbnail before hitting ctrl+c? You should see a small box around the thumbnail field. It’s hard to see when there is a picture in there so I have included a screenshot of what it looks like after i click an empty thumbnail field.

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