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Information Bulletin June 2017

• DataBasics survey: What’s important to you in a DAM?
• Canto DAM Summit Europe: Oct 9-10th in Berlin
• Canto’s latest blog: SharePoint and DAM
• Flight latest blog: Why Move From Cloud Storage to Image Library

• HINTS n TIPS: New Flight and Cumulus tutorial videos

 Survey: What’s important to you in a DAM

Building on the success of our Top 10 Mistakes campaign, we are now asking for your input on what are your most important features in a DAM. We will be adding our experiences and with your feedback we plan to have a complete picture. We will then sum up this information in a blog post and a webinar. We appreciate your feedback.

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 Canto DAM Summit Europe: October 9-10 in Berlin

Book your Early Bird tickets before 30 June for October’s DAM Summit Europe in Berlin. This is your opportunity to talk with other users, meet business partners  and learn about Canto’s future plans and what’s in the next release of Cumulus.

Here’s a quick look at the schedule:
Day 1 – Monday, 9th October 2017 Full day of DAM experts, insightful case study presentations and networking events.
Day 2 – Tuesday, 10th October 2017 Educational workshops and breakout sessions for everyday users and deep technical experts.

Early Bird registration price saves 150€ until end June.

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 Canto latest blog: SharePoint and DAM

What is SharePoint? What is DAM? And what is the difference? This Canto blog article talks about how these two solutions can work together to streamline your workflows and performance. Canto offers Cumulus and SharePoint integration. Find out when this integration would be beneficial to your organisation. Take a look at Cumulus DAM and SharePoint integration for more information.
Or contact DataBasics if you have any questions.

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 Flight by Canto latest blog: Why move from cloud storage to an image library

Has your team been using Dropbox, Google Drive or Box for file storage? Have you hit a tipping point where simply dropping content into a box isn’t enough? That’s where an image library, such as Flight, comes into picture. To learn more of the advantage of image library over basic cloud storage read this article.
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 HINTS n TIPS: Latest tutorial videos for Flight and Cumulus 
The latest Flight tutorial video shows you how to watermark images in Flight. You can find this and other Flight tutorial videos here.
The latest Cumulus video (below) shows you how to search for files in Cumulus Portals.

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