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Information Bulletin April 2017

Latest blog: HOW TO Order and Process Assets in Cumulus with DARS

Working with externals? The new DataBasics Asset Request Solution (DARS) provides facility for external users to order selected assets from Cumulus through portals and enables Cumulus administrators to process the submitted requests in Cumulus Web Client or Desktop Client. Read it here.

Store your Flight files locally with expanded Global Amazon S3 Storage locations

Flight is now able to take advantage of global S3 storage locations through Amazon Web Services. New Flight customers can now choose one of seven locations to store their files.
Choosing a closer region means faster upload and download speeds. The APAC locations to choose from are:

• Sydney
• Singapore

Existing customers can change their storage location for a one-time fee. Just send us an email.


Canto Cumulus latest resources: A DAM Good Coffee series, episode 1 & Best Project Management Practices blog

The latest from Canto’s marketing team is a “DAM Good Coffee” series of short video interviews on important factors of DAM management and implementation. First episode features Andreas Mockenhaupt of Canto. Watch it here.

Best Project Management Practices

It’s not an easy job to implement a DAM solution. Learn how to better manage your DAM project with these recommended best practices. Read it here.

Watch our latest webinar recording: What's New in Flight LHR

Latest Flight blogs

Top 3 Complaints of Outdated Image Libraries.
After hearing various frustrations from prospects-turned-customers, this blog post lists top 3 complains of outdated image libraries. Read it here.
Spring Cleaning of Your Media Library.
53% of Canto’s past webinar registrants complained of their files being too scattered for them to be used efficiently. How to get the media library all cleaned up? Read here.

DAM Guru Program. Latest Guru Talk: Interview with Emily Vargas, Digital Asset Manager at Wilson Sporting Goods.

How do you tame 2 Million assets with a sound digital asset management system?

Read the interview.

HINTS n TIPS: Web Client doesn't show related assets

Web Client does not show related assets. To view related assets you need to select the master asset and look in the Relations tab.
We can implement a formula field that will indicate which files are Masters and display it in the view (see example below).

Contact DataBasics support if you need more help with your Cumulus solution.

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