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Information Bulletin March 2017

Important Flight Update: Updated URL - no more "run" after March 31

For the early Flight customer that have been accessing their Flight media library with an URL in this format:

OLD: [companyname].run.cantoflight.com

You should begin to access your Flight library without the run, in this format:

NEW: [companyname].cantoflight.com

After March 31st you will no longer be able to access Flight using the “run” URL.

DataBasics Upcoming Webinar: Flight LHR Update March 28th

Our next webinar will introduce the latest Flight update, released February 2017 – Flight LHR (London). It comes with some major improvements and cool new features. Some of the features Ricky will talk about in this webinar include: progressive web design for mobile accessibility, video trim before download, add to album on upload, and more.
You can read about the latest Flight LHR update in our blog.

When: Tues 28 March  – 11.00-12.00 Sydney, Melbourne – FREE
Register here.

DataBasics latest blog - Cumulus and Enhanced Metadata Support

One of the most discussed topics in our Hints n Tips section of last year’s Information Bulletins is also one of the most important ones – metadata.

Metadata is critical to your DAM. Without it the purpose of digital asset management solution is defeated. Metadata is what turns a piece of content into an asset making it easily and quickly found. There have been a number of blog posts we have written on metadata. Learn more about metadata and controlled vocabulary. To see how you can edit metadata for multiple files in Cumulus check out this post.

We compiled all metadata-related hints and tips from last year’s Information Bulletins in one blog post.

Canto's latest blogs and upcoming webinar

Since last month’s Information Bulletin Canto has published 2 new blog posts.
Top 5 Successful Brand Manager Skills. As gatekeepers for company’s products and services,  being successful real-time brand manager is crucial. Find out in this Canto’s blog what top brand manager skills you should adopt to ensure your brand is strong. And see how taking advantage of new technologies can help you connect your brand with new and existing customers. Read this blog post here. This blog post will be followed with a webinar March 23rd: Dynamic Brand Management: 4 Things You Should Have Covered. You can register for this Canto’s webinar here.

Video Marketing Is The New Standard. Another post from Canto talks about video marketing. It explores current trends in video marketing and helps you avoid typical mistakes so you can benefit from latest insights from experts. Read the blog post about video marketing here.

HINTS n TIPS: Seeing red? - Catalog appears in red in the catalog list

  • Catalog appears in red in the catalog list when connecting to the Cumulus server and cannot be opened.Reason: This is most often a result of communication between the server and a user, or users, with a catalog open being terminated abruptly. This may happen if there has been an unplanned shutdown of the server, maybe a power outage? It is more likely to occur if the catalog does not have Journaling enabled. Journaling sets up a transaction buffer in order that Cumulus can ascertain exactly where any given transaction is at a time of failure and attempt to rebuild when the catalog is reopened. Journaling can be activated on a catalog in Preferences -> Catalog Settings, General tab.Solution: Select the catalog and (if you have admin permissions) click the Rebuild button. To help prevent catalog corruption in future, ensure that Journaling is enabled in Preferences -> Catalog settings, General tab.

    Contact DataBasics support if you need specific help for your Cumulus installation.

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