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Information Bulletin January 2017

• DataBasics Webinar: Flight PHL release Jan 2017 recording

If you missed DataBasics last webinar on 17th January last week, you can still watch the recording or visit our blog for details of the latest and greatest in Flight.

This webinar was all about the latest update – Flight PHL, released at the end of last year.

Some of the many features include:
•  Redesigned Interface:
– Look & Feel
– Layout Options
– Album & Folder Sorting

• Branding:
– Interface Branding
– Login page
– Email
And more:

Watch the recording in our YouTube channel –  https://youtu.be/7FakE_T9AZQ

Note these new features and enhancements are automatically available to all Flight customers as soon as they are released so users don’t have to wait for IT to download and install them – they are ready to be used immediately.

• DataBasics new Uploader 2.0 for Cumulus - demo available

DataBasics has released v2 of the recently developed Uploader add-on for Cumulus. Uploader provides a simple and easy to use upload portal for content to be added into your Cumulus solution. Most often used for external users such as photographers, agencies, and remotely located workers who are required to upload single or bulk content. During this process the uploading user will be able to enter metadata.

DataBasics has created Uploader 2.0 to support as many uploading users as you like with only a single Cumulus license required. It can be configured to match your branding, and the functionality can be customised if you require something more than the standard solution.

For all the details see our recent blog. Features include:

  • Faster processing, reducing time delays and resources required
  • Improved handling of non-image assets.
  • Drag & drop and “add assets from a folder” upload.
  • Bulk upload.

Please try our online demo by sending a request to CustomerCare (helpdesk@databasics.com.au) for login details.

• Reminder: DARS - Digital Asset Request System - Survey

Tell us what you think! DataBasics is creating a new digital asset request solution (DARS) early in 2017. DARS will replace earlier systems in use by our customer base.

Make it easy for your customers to order selected digital assets directly from Cumulus using a simple order form using DARS.  Users simply fill out the form request and the order is then delivered via email.Have your say in what features you would like to see in DARS.

Complete the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DARSfeatures

• Cumulus and SiteCore CMS integration

Canto have recorded a webinar that details the integration of Cumulus with the popular SiteCore Content Management System. Can you imagine being able to access all assets stored in your digital asset management system such as images, videos and PDFs directly in Sitecore? Duplicates and copies scattered across website, e-shop and other systems are a thing of the past. Digital asset management functions as a single source for all assets.

Canto created this webinar for web developers and marketers to see the integration and answer important questions from the webinar audience. You will learn:

  • How to create a consistent visual language across all channels
  • How to access all your assets directly in Sitecore
  • How to comfortably select the right image formats
  • How to crop images in Sitecore.

Register to get a link to this free webinar recording.

• Canto update for Cumulus 9 : release 9.2.7

Canto has released an update for Cumulus 9 for those that have not yet upgraded to Cumulus 10. Cumulus 9.2.7  is primarily a bug fix release – there are no new features. It covers Workgroup and Enterprise Editions and all modules – desktop client, Web Client and Sites.

Get the installers and Release Notes from Canto Community.

• HINTS n TIPS: Saving PDF text into Cumulus

A recent question in Canto Community was: How can I extract text from a pdf file and have it imported into a specific field upon uploading to the catalog?

And the answer was: check the asset-handling-set ->asset-formats -> PDF -> properties. There you can configure how much text you want to import to the field Document-Text. Note this field  must exist in your catalog.

You can do the same for InDesign indd and Poweroint ppt(x) files as well if you have the option to open properties for that format and setup if text should be extracted.

Contact DataBasics support if you need specific help for your Cumulus installation.


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