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What’s New in Flight PHL



*Please note: as of May 22, Flight is now Canto. All references to Flight in this article refer to Canto.

Year 2016 has been great for Flight by Canto. It has really taken flight! With the last update of 2016 – Flight PHL – Canto introduces a beautiful new interface, enhanced user experience and other highly requested features.

Redesigned Interface

The new interface not only looks better but works better as well. There are different display options to choose from, more choices to organise your albums and folders. The many branding options will let you match your Flight account to your company’s branding. Read more on these bellow.

Display Options

The new interface has several different layout options to choose from. In addition to the thumbnails List View, you can view your files by date, by truer dimensions and size ratios in Masonry View layout, or by location taken in Geo View.

List, Thumbnails (square), Masonry and Geo view options




Masonry Layout

Display All Files

From your main view of content there is now an All Files smart album to show all content regardless of type.



Display Search Results By Type

When you search content with Sort by Name selected you will be shown your search results by type.



Display Search Results By Date

When you search content with Sort by Date selected you will be shown your search results by date.


Folder and Album Organisation

Sort your albums from A-Z, from Newest to Oldest, by type, or create your own custom sorting that fits your organisation’s needs.


Branding of Interface

Select any of nine regions and set individual colours or use themes. Flight gives you a light and dark themes ready to go, you can also select a theme colour and have Flight create a gradient of other colours to match and brand appropriately. If you want to adjust one of the colours individually you can still do that.

Selecting a theme colour

Adjusting the theme to your preference

Final result

Brand an area of screen you choose with your choice of colours or a colour theme. See it immediately in the preview on the right.

Selected top bar colour and preview



New concept from Canto to allow you/your team to have a separate / private space to store content and collaborate. For example you may want to collaborate with an external agency, have them be able to send you content (upload) and also be able to access any resources they need to complete a job. Great use of a Workspace. Maybe some members of your team have been assigned to a new project. Content associated with that project can be held in a Workspace for duration of the project.

Go to Workspace from Avatar menu











Here a small group can collaborate on different projects with limited set of content before it’s ready to be shared or displayed in the Main Library.

Workspace files ready to be moved to main library








Setting up a Workspace is similar to a Portal. In effect a Workspace is a more expansive version of a Portal that allows for content to be contributed and managed separate from the main Flight library.

Please note Workspaces are a payable option to add to your Flight subscription.

Download Presets

Are you using your assets for social media or advertising? Set predefined ratio sizes for image downloads. You can allow to download Original and/or only the Preset.

Preset Facebook options

Configuration download Permissions for Portal


Branding of Emails

Have your company’s logo be inserted in the email when you’re sharing files.

A branded email with shared link to content

Branding of Login Page

The login window is now transparent and can show your own personalised message.

Login window


Set your defaults in Settings for what you would like to see after login. For example, you can choose to see only images and documents. You can set defaults for how folders and albums are sorted.

Default options


Filtering has become easier. Just click the Filter icon in the top right corner and choose how you would like to filter your search.

Filter icon




You can filter by keywords, tags, status, storage and other things.

Filter options

Bulk Options

When you choose the bulk selection with a checkmark in the upper right corner of the file, different Bulk Options will appear in the top right corner, such as download, share, relate, etc.

Bulk options

Folder and Album Management

The fourth icon will allow you to see the detail information for the folder or album you have selected.




Hot tip – how to set permissions to your folders. Select a folder and go to the detail information.

Permission options


Now when you click on an image you see the metadata fields immediately and you can add tags and keywords right there. For all metadata you can still click the down arrow to display.

Metadata displayed in the sidebar

We are very excited about Flight and think they have done a great job with this release. Can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring! Please join us for a webinar on Jan 17th at 10AM AEST where we will show you all the new and improved Flight features. Visit our webinar page to register: http://www.databasics.com.au/canto-webinar/



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