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Information Bulletin November 2016

Cumulus Extended Permissions - 50% discount offers ends December

Canto’s Extended Permissions offer for existing customers is about to expire end of December 2016. Extended Permissions is a Cumulus add-on module that offers real-time permissions based on the business rules that you set. This means that as circumstances change, permissions can be set for workflow control processes, approvals, embargoes and expiry dates, or other factors.

Search results can have live filters applied for fine tuning and better asset retrieval, as well as controlling their visibility to specific users.

More on Extended Permissions in our blog. Contact us to discuss and order.

Latest DataBasics Blog and Webinar Recording: Top 10 Flight Features 2016

In this latest webinar Ricky is showing what we think are the top 10 Flight features compiled from the four updates released in 2016. Some of the features include:

* Digital Rights Management
* My Collections
* Slack Integration
* Video Conversion and more!

Watch the webinar recording on our YouTube channel.
Read about the Top 10 Flight features in our blog.
Read the latest Flight LAS Release notes.

Canto Blog Post: Digital Asset Management as an eCommerce Strategy

Teamwork: DAM and PIM. These days the ever demanding customers require appealing presentation of goods and services online, presenting new challenges to all eCommerce platforms. Catalogs now contain thousands of different products which require maintenance and updates.
How can they effectively manage the large volumes of digital media?

Read more in Canto’s blog.

Canto Interview: German Maritime Search and Rescue

Case study Interview: German Maritime Search and Rescue Service Ms Antke Reemts, PR expert says:“That’s the nice thing about Cumulus: if a workflow changes, Cumulus can easily adapt – and not the other way round.”

It is important to note that continual development is very important in these kind of business systems. Canto uses agile methodology to add in features and updates to Cumulus in regulat development cycles. In this way, it get enhancements and incorporates or adapts to new technologies and trends.

More in Canto’s blog.

HINTs n TIPS: Flight Syncing to Slack and Automatic Slack Notifications

In Flight users with sharing privileges can set up their account to sync with their organisation’s Slack account. New users are able to set up their Slack sync when they create their profiles. Automatic notifications can be turned on or off.

You can be notified of a change in Flight whenever

– a file is shared
– a file is added
– albums are added or updated
– portals are updated                                                                                         – a comment is left on a file.

Find out more about Flight and Slack integration in Flight Help Center.

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