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Information Bulletin February 2016

New Cumulus AV Add-on and Discount on Extended Permissions

• DAVS addon: DataBasics AudioVisual Solution – in response to customer demand, DataBasics has developed an add-on for Cumulus that allows you to play audio and videos directly in Sites, Portals and Web Client. DAVS converts your original audio/video file into a format that Cumulus can play, while maintaining the original video for editing and high resolution downloads.

Cumulus Users who have purchased RoboFlow can take advantage of this new add-on for added video functionality. Pricing is $2,300 exGST. Contact us to find out more…

• Extended Permissions discount: from 1 March to December 2016, Canto is offering 50% discount on their Extended Permissions add-on. Extended Permissions offers real-time, rules-based permissions that can change based on dynamic circumstances such as workflow approvals, embargo dates or other factors. Individual record/category
permissions enable users to determine who sees what on a per-asset record and per category level.

As one of Canto’s more expensive add-ons, this discount makes it affordable for any Cumulus customer who needs more granular control over permissions and rights management. See also Canto’s White Paper on DRM for Business.

Current pricing = $10,200 exGST. New price = $5,100 extGST. Contact us to find out more…

Annual Cumulus Software Maintenance Update Delivery

Each year, as part of all Cumulus customer’s Software Maintenance agreement, DataBasics sends out details of the latest Cumulus and relevant documentation to Cumulus Administrators. This is due to go out within the next 2 weeks.

Canto has just released v10.1 with significant new features and a number of bug fixes – find out What’s New with Cumulus X for all the features of this major release. One of the changes with v10 was the introduction of a new web interface Portals which will eventually replace Sites for public portal access, plus a new Mobile App that comes bundled with all new installs.

DataBasics technical team are still testing the new release and are in process of updating our demo server to v10.1 with all the new features, including InDesign Client. We recommend that customers wishing to upgrade to the latest Cumulus, contact us to discuss details of their installation with the Professional and Technical services team.

Canto's InDesign Client Webinar Recording

Some of you may have registered for the recent Canto webinar on the new InDesign Client released with Cumulus 10.1.  If not, you can still signup and get access to their free recording of the webinar that includes a demonstration of how it works for 2-way communications between Cumulus and InDesign. You will learn:

  • How to use, edit search and view assets directly from Cumulus in InDesign
  • How to Check-out, update and check-in documents without leaving the InDesign environment.

Here’s a little 2 minute video that shows you more – and check out Canto’s blog.

Flight by Canto Webinars and News

There’s been a couple of Flight webinars from Canto over the past few months that you may have missed and are worth checking out for some DAM good ideas.

  • See how you can use Flight to easily distribute brand assets and collateral to your sales team – subscribe and watch.
  • See how Flight simplifies team collaboration for any file or project in your digital workflow – subscribe and watch.

The Flight Knowledge Base is a great resource to Find A’ to your Q’s! They have some great FAQs in the Knowledge Base too that includes articles with screenshots on Keywords vs. Tags; how Flight pilots can create and brand Portals; and How versions work – and much more.

We’ve been advised that there is major release of Flight coming out at the end of this month. We are hoping to get a sneak preview before then. Stay tuned!

HELIOS offers InDesign Plugin for ImageServer UB64

HELIOS is also providing InDesign support in their ImageServer product with the creation of “XPV” document preview files. ImageServer UB64 is a server-based image conversion, ICC color transformation and OPI image replacement solution, with integrated process and workflow automation.

Local and remote users can preview InDesign documents from creation to final output, without needing access to the application, documents, fonts or images. These multi-page preview files facilitate finding documents, verifying content, and local and remote collaboration and may be viewed in HELIOS WebShare, via any web browser.

XPV preview files also work well with Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems. Using ImageServer Script Server, the previews can automatically be converted to any major image file format, for viewing within the DAM, and indexed metadata and text can be imported as well.

Refer the ImageServer datasheet and find out more on HELIOS website.

HINTS n TIPS: Cumulus and Enhanced Metadata Support

With the latest Cumulus v10.1 release, Canto have also updated their Enhanced Metadata Support datasheet which not only details which file types have inbuilt support within Cumulus – that includes Audio / Video File Formats, Image / CAD / 3D File Formats and Office / Layout File Formats but also which files have special metadata handling capabilities in Cumulus such as write back to IPTC / XMP fields in the asset, and multi-page previews.

Embedded metadata support enables users to find files based on audio / video durations, fonts used in
layouts, full text of presentations and documents.

Download the datasheet that lists over 300+ formats from DataBasics website. Let us know if the format you need is not listed and we’ll pass it on to Canto for their next update.

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