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Canto Cumulus 10.1 with InDesign Client

Look at what you can do

The Cumulus InDesign Client is engineered to save time and streamline workflows. Multiply the time spent by many designers and many complex documents across the organisation, and we’re talking about tremendous savings.

  • Search, preview, access and work with assets cataloged in Cumulus, directly from within InDesign.
  • Connect to as many Cumulus catalogs as you like
  • Check-out documents and check them back in when updated
  • See only the content that you have permission to access
  • Customise the metadata fields you want to see, via Record View Sets
  • Write back metadata to Cumulus, from within InDesign (with permissions).

Images placed into your InDesign layout are stored as individual assets in Cumulus when the .indd file is added to Cumulus. No relinking of assets is necessary when colleagues later open the file. Cumulus handles it all. It includes four InDesign panels that you can customise as you would any standard InDesign panel, eg resizing and repositioning, then saving the arrangement.

Find out more in Canto’s blog and in their Press release.

That's not all!

The new InDesign Client allows you to drag and drop assets from Cumulus into your project, using Cumulus panels in InDesign.

  • The “Add to Cumulus…” button lets you save your work directly into the DAM – without leaving InDesign
  • Cumulus catalogs the entire layout, single pages, and embedded assets as records
  • PDFs generated are stored as related assets of the source .indd document.

Focus on creativity while Cumulus handles assets linking, variants and versioning. Browse through your content housed in Cumulus directly from a native InDesign palette. It supports both Windows and Mac versions of Adobe InDesign CC2015 and CS6.

3 Responses to “Canto Cumulus 10.1 with InDesign Client”

  1. Antra Silova says:

    The new Cumulus InDesign Client also includes a Categories panel that shows category tree of all open catalogs. There is also Information panel that shows all metadata of the record selected. And Preview panel to see the preview of the record.

  2. Ricky Patten says:

    This is a great new product from Canto and has attracted a lot of attention with our existing and prospective customer base. Canto now has two Adobe integration solutions:
    InDesign Client … the topic of this blog … for users who will primarily require access to Cumulus during page layout processes
    Adobe Drive Adaptor … for creatives who use a wide range of Adobe applications and any other design tools that utilises Adobe Bridge to access content
    Now Canto has a mature well developed approach for creative users to work with a centralised image library.

  3. Linda says:

    With the release of Cumulus 10.1.2 in late March, it is possible to assign categories to a file, or to remove categories from a file, directly from within the InDesign Client.
    Another new feature is that font color settings for record field defined in a record view set are now respected in the Record and Information Panels of the InDesign Client. Thus, an administrator has a convenient means to highlight specific metadata information these panels.

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